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Spot Outreach Program

We’re here to help organizations, groups and NGOs that need quality cleaning products for those that they serve.

The new Spot Outreach Program is all about supporting those who need help obtaining everyday household items. We want to give something good and high quality to those in need. Do you work with an organization, church or NGO that needs high quality laundry detergent for the people that you serve? If so, please read below for more information and how to connect with us.

Spot is offering our high quality Laundry Detergent Sheets at our cost, or in certain cases for no cost, to organizations that provide household goods like laundry detergent to those in need. Spot Detergent Sheets are compact and lightweight so they are easily transportable, cheap to ship and fit easily in tote bags. They can be used in a washing machine or by those washing by hand. Spot is proud to making this offering, and we want to help as many people as we can.

If your organization is interested, please email and reference our Outreach Program. Please provide information about your organization, the community that you serve, and how many packs of Detergent Sheets you would need. We look forward to helping you serve the people in your community!