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What Are Detergent Sheets?

Learn more about innovative, eco-friendly product that weighs only 3 grams!


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to use liquid or powder detergent with my Detergent Sheets?

No, our Detergent Sheets replace traditional liquid and powder detergent and pods. Spot Detergent Sheets provide all of the cleaning power needed to clean your laundry.

Can I use fabric softener with Spot Detergent Sheets?

Yes, you can. Your preferred fabric softener will work great alongside Spot Detergent Sheets.

Do I need to take out the Detergent Sheet before I put my clothes in the dryer?

Spot Detergent Sheets will dissolve within 60 seconds of being exposed to water, so by the time you load your washer, it will be gone! No need to remove it from your clean clothes.

Why should I use Detergent Sheets instead of traditional laundry detergent?

Aside from the many environmentally friendly reasons, our product is better for you and your clothes than traditional liquid or powder detergent. Our formula is all-natural and plant-based, meaning there are no harsh chemicals that will harm or irritate your skin. Our Sheets are also very easy to use. Just take a sheet and add it to any washing machine. No more measuring and spilling liquid detergent. And best of all, no more sticky residue stuck to the side of the plastic jug that gets on your hands every time you touch the jug. Gross!

Will Spot Detergent Sheets work with my washing machine?

Spot Detergent Sheets work with ALL washing machines. They work on front or top load machines, as well as HE (high efficiency) and non-HE models. They will also work at the laundromat. Spot’s powerful cleaning formula is designed to get dirt and grime out of your clothes no matter which type of washing machine you use.

Are there any travel restrictions for Spot Detergent Sheets?

We highly encourage you to take Spot Detergent Sheets with you when you travel. There are no restrictions regarding taking Detergent Sheets in your checked luggage or carry-on bag at the airport.

Can I use my Detergent Sheets if I am somewhere without a washing machine?

Yes! If you are busy on the go, traveling, or simply are not near a washing machine or laundromat, Spot Detergent Sheets can be used to keep you clean no matter where you are. Simply fill a sink with water and add your clothes. Depending on the size of the sink, you can add as many articles of clothing that will fit comfortably submerged in the water. Take half of a Detergent Sheet and add it to the water. Agitate or stir the clothes for 1-2 minutes until the sheet has dissolved. Let the clothes sit in the water for 1-2 more minutes, agitating occasionally. Take out your clothes, ring them out and hang them up to dry. Repeat until all of your clothes have been washed and are drying. Just like that, you can have clean clothes no matter where you are! You can also purchase a portable washing machine on Amazon for less than $100, our Detergent Sheets work great in those too (only half of a sheet needed).

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