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Swedish Laundry Detergent Sheets, 10-Load Trial Pack

$25.99 every 6 months with a 25-day free trial and a $3.99 sign-up fee

The most convenient, eco-friendly and easy to use laundry detergent now comes in a Sheet!  Our tiny Detergent Sheets are made in Sweden with our powerful cleaning formula that will clean, freshen and brighten your toughest loads of laundry.

Trial Details:

  • Take the eco challenge and try Spot Laundry Detergent Sheets.
  • Try a 10-Load trial pack of Spot Detergent Sheets for just $3.99 with free shipping!
  • If you like it, you’ll automatically receive a 180-load pack for $25.99 (shipping is always free) every 6 months. Take laundry detergent off your shopping list for good!
  • Don’t like it, or not ready for more? No sweat. Simply cancel your subscription before the 25-day trial period ends. Keep the trial pack and you won’t be charged for anything else.
  • Works In All Washers

    Powerful Clean for Sensitive Skin

    Small & Light, Great for Traveling

    Why Did Other People Buy This?

    I take it on the plane, takes up no space in my roller bag
    Vickie G.
    No plastic waste
    Chris K.
    Not a lot of room around my washer/dryer to store
    Darlene S.
    Paper packaging makes me feel like I’m doing my part
    Stephanie L.
    Using these is so simple and convenient – Patricia D.

    How Does It Work?

    It’s the 21st Century, are you ready to avoid the spills and sticky residue of liquid detergent? Just grab a Sheet, throw it in the washer (place it underneath your clothes), use your regular washer settings and turn it on!  The Sheet will completely dissolve within 60 seconds and disperse its powerful cleaning formula to quickly and thoroughly clean your clothes. It’s the same process as detergent pods, just with a Sheet!

    Powerful and Safe Clean Every Time

    Spot’s powerful cleaning formula is made and developed in Sweden and is tough on dirt, grime and stains while also staying sensitive to all types of skin. Our Sheets are dermatologist tested for sensitive skin for seniors and babies to make sure that everyone stays clean and safe. Our cleaning formula is paraben, 1-dioxane and phosphate free to keep you free and clear from harsh and unsafe chemicals. Now everything you need to wash your clothes is in a tiny Sheet!

    Great Price, Greater Good

    Spot makes it easy to reduce your plastic waste and live a more sustainable lifestyle. Making the switch to eco-friendly Detergent Sheets is so easy! Think about how much plastic waste is generated just from plastic laundry detergent jugs. Over 700 million are thrown away every single year in the US alone! We know that we have a simple solution to cut into that number while not sacrificing the cleaning power that you expect and deserve. Simply put, Spot Detergent Sheets and our plastic-free packaging make laundry infinitely better for you, your family and for the planet.

    What Do We Stand For?

    Our goal at Spot is to keep plastic laundry detergent jugs out of landfills and oceans.  But it’s about more than that: we want to give you the highest quality, most convenient and easy to use laundry detergent that doesn’t spill and isn’t messy.  We believe that eco-friendly products should be affordable. We want EVERYONE to be able to use Spot and come away with a great experience and not have to worry about their clothes being clean or overpaying for laundry detergent that actually works.  We care about reducing our plastic usage.  We practice something called Pragmatic Environmentalism, and it’s at the core of what we do and how we plan to achieve our goals.  When you buy our product, that’s one less plastic jug of detergent in a landfill or the ocean. Even if you’re only buying it because it has a great price and works really well, that’s fine too.  We’ve got a long way to go to get rid of all of those plastic jugs, but with every person who purchases Spot, we’re reducing our global plastic waste and one step closer to reaching our goal!

    Swedish Laundry Detergent Sheets, 10-Load Trial Pack
    $25.99 every 6 months with a 25-day free trial and a $3.99 sign-up fee