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Spot Detergent Sheets deliver superior cleaning power without the mess or waste of liquid detergent.

I seriously love this product. I didn’t even know that detergent sheets existed. These smell amazing !! The process of using these is so simple and convenient. I honestly wish I knew about these before but now I will continue purchasing

Patricia Dominguez, Amazon

What Are Laundry Detergent Sheets?

Spot Detergent Sheets are an innovative laundry solution that delivers professional-grade cleaning power in a compact form. These lightweight Sheets contain highly concentrated cleansers for a superior clean.
Each Sheet is pre-measured for a standard load, eliminating guesswork and waste. When added to your washer, they dissolve completely in water, leaving no residue.
Unlike bulky plastic jugs, our Sheets are very lightweight and take up minimal space in your home. Developed by laundry experts in Sweden, our product simplifies your laundry routine without sacrificing the quality you expect and deserve.

Reducing Plastic Waste

We’re committed to reducing plastic waste in households everywhere. Our Detergent Sheets completely eliminate the need for bulky plastic jugs. By choosing Spot, you’re supporting a future where single-use plastics are no longer a laundry room necessity. Join us in taking a practical step towards a more sustainable home and cleaner environment.
Powerful Performance

Our concentrated formula tackles tough stains and odors for clean and fresh clothes every time.

Works in all Washers

Engineered to work in HE models, front and top loaders, even at the laundromat.

Gentle Formula

Dermatologist tested to be safe for senior citizens, babies and those with sensitive skin.

Featherlight Efficiency

One box of Spot Detergent Sheets weighs only 5oz. Never have to carry a jug of detergent again.

Powerful Clean Every Time

Spot’s powerful cleaning formula is tough on dirt, grime and stains while staying sensitive to all skin types. Our Sheets are dermatologist tested for sensitive skin for seniors and babies to make sure that everyone stays clean and safe. Gone are the harsh chemicals and unsafe substances, too. Spot Detergent Sheets pack a punch with our all natural formula that’s made and developed in Sweden.

Perfect for Traveling

Spot Detergent Sheets are lightweight and take up virtually no space, making them perfect for traveling. Whether you’re going away for a few days or traveling abroad for awhile, keep your Spot Detergent Sheets handy to have fresh and clean clothes no matter where you are. And if you’re in a pinch and are somewhere without a washing machine, you can also use Spot Detergent Sheets in the sink. Fill the sink with water and add a Sheet. Once it dissolves, add your clothes and lightly swirl them for 1-2 minutes. Then, ring them out and hang them to dry. Never be without clean clothes again!

For the Environment

Our mission at Spot is to do our part in reducing the amount of plastic waste in the world.  Every year, 700 million plastic jugs of laundry detergent are thrown away in landfills where they will sit for 500 years!  We want to make it easy for everyone to lower their plastic consumption. That’s why our Detergent Sheets dissolve in water and our packaging is made of recyclable paper.  We want to give you peace of mind when you clean, and the knowledge that your family’s clothes are clean and smelling fresh without harming the environment.  Our Fresh Scent Detergent Sheets fight the toughest stains and keep everyone looking and feeling good!

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